Job Management

Although they may not be overtly aware of it, every department that does jobs for customers has a job management system. It often consists of pieces of paper, emails, spreadsheets, verbal communications and sometimes ad hoc departmental databases. The systems are usually inefficient in terms of staff time, error prone in terms of duplicate manual data entry, and opaque in terms of managing time and deadlines. In order to address issues like these in Medical Illustration Departments, Anova Technology has developed Media Job Manager (MJM).

Media Job Manager is more than a job management database, it's a tool for improving efficiency, accuracy and performance. Imagine for a moment, if your clients sent you work requests electronically instead of on pieces of paper. Firstly you eliminate the need for your staff having to input duplicate data, saving time, but you also eliminate the possibility of transcription errors. Ah yes you say, but our clients regularly miss off pieces of information and we have to input that ourselves. Having your clients enter the data electronically rather than on paper allows you to police the mandatory filling in of data fields and perform error checking on the data before it reaches you. Links to the PAS allow for instant look up of patient details via patient numbers or names and further eliminate data entry errors. Once you have the data in your system, any paper forms you need to produce such as patient consent forms can simply be printed with all the information already filled in.

MJM is a fully configured SQL database that runs on the same server as your existing image management software. It's user interface is accessible via any web browser on the network. Your clients can simply use a web browser and their own log in to send you Job requests containing all the information that you specify is required. These can be photographic jobs or graphics jobs, or indeed due to MJM's configurability any type of job you wish. Individual logins, whether controlled directly by yourself or via Active Directory, allow you to specify access privileges so, that your staff can easily see the information that is pertinent to them. This may be the 'Job List' for the whole department, a certain category only (photography for example) or just the jobs assigned to them. Clients can log in and will only ever see their own jobs, they can see instantly things like the current status of the jobs they have requested, and their ETA, further improving your service to the client whilst at the same time reducing the number of requests from clients for status updates. If the job is photography and has been completed, it can even include a link to open the relevant images in the Image Management System. Once a photographic job has been completed, and the the images are being uploaded to the Image Management System, the only info that needs to be entered manually is the job number, and any of the details in MJM can be automatically applied to the images. Reports allow you to automatically generate the data required for departmental reports showing the work done for your clients for example on a monthly basis. Invoices can be instantly produced for charging clients if required, an editable built in list of charges for time or materials, lets you apply costs to invoices quickly and consistently.

The system can be configured in a wide variety of ways and may even be used as a stand alone system with only departmental staff logins, but once you see the benefits of an efficient flow of data, with the elimination of duplicate data entry, and the high visibility of work schedules and deadlines, we feel sure you will see that by having trust-wide accessibility, MJM can streamline your work-flow, improve your customer service and reduce the opportunity for errors.
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