Medical Illustration

We specialise in supplying innovative new technologies to Medical Illustration/Photography departments, including 3D imaging, thermal imaging, job and image management systems.

Medical Applications for Infra-Red Thermography

Thermal cameras have been around a long time, they used to be big, expensive, slow, complicated and offered low resolution and accuracy. The latest technology however offers high resolution imaging with accurate temperature measurement, in a convenient easy to use, cost effective package. The cameras are now fast, light and portable and similar in operation to a video camera, their myriad of potential uses making them ideally suited to Medical Photography departments looking to offer additional added value services to their hospital.

Secure Transfer of Clinical Images

Available for iOS and Android devices, the SCIT App enables NHS Staff to securely take clinical images on their own mobile devices. Together with a small amount of patient identifiable data, the secure package is then transferred to the Trust's image storage system.

The App does not allow access to the images on the mobile device or independent cloud system and therefore complies with NHS governance criteria and data protection.

Image Management: A Modern Approach

Aetopia specialises in helping organisations unlock the potential of their digital assets.
Security has always been paramount for Aetopia and their solutions are used for storing and seamlessly sharing images between UK Policing and HM Criminal Justice.
Now with the release of Aetopia DAM For Healthcare they bring their fully featured modern Digital Asset Management System to the health sector, together with its ability to securely share images with authorised users inside and outside of Health Trust networks.

Job Management: The Efficient Way

Although they may not be overtly aware of it, every department that does jobs for customers has a job management system. It often consists of pieces of paper, emails, spreadsheets verbal communications and sometimes ad hoc departmental databases. The systems are usually inefficient in terms of staff time, error prone in terms of duplicate manual data entry, and opaque in terms of managing time and deadlines. In order to address issues like these in Medical Illustration Departments, Anova Technology has developed Media Job Manager (MJM).